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Last week Matt G tweeted about a quick blog post I wrote about iteratively applying models using some of Hadley’s packages, to which Hadley replied:

Now this blog is pretty new, and we haven’t made much of an effort to promote it. In the time since I transferred from the old domain name (more on this later) pretty much no-one has been looking at it (apart from my mum – thanks mum).

So what happens when Hadley reads your blog post and mentions it on twitter?

Quantifying the Hadley effect

Well, taking the true Hadley Effect to be a single day event ocurring 2nd April (we term the tail of this spike: residual Hadley Effect): it’s around a 7000% increase in unique daily visits.

plot of chunk 2016-04-3-hadley-effect

A bit more data

So this isn’t the whole story. I’ve been blogging since the end of 2014 (although I only signed up to Google Analytics in April 2015), and used to host this all using github pages (actually we are still hosted by github pages:, just we bought a err more sensible domain). So I’ve actually got a bit more data with which to evaluate the Hadley effect.

From a quick glance, it seems that not only is a mention from Hadley worth about 3 times as many reads as my most popular article (seems to be this one); but his briefest of mentions convinces people to read more of the blog for longer! – Thanks Hadley

plot of chunk 2016-04-3-hadley-effect-facet